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        Lake and Forest LR Presets All in One

        Alter Preis: 299,00  Neuer Preis: 257,00  inkl. MwSt.

        You can’t decide between the different preset bundles and would like to buy all together? You can now save a total of 42,00 € with this all-in-one package and receive 28 presets from the years 2016-2019 and thus a wide range of different image looks. Optimize your editing-workflow, get similar results like me and save money at the same time!


        28 lightroom presets (20 colorful & 8 b/w)
        Reinforce / weaken grain
        An installation guide
        Warm invitation to become part of the “Vicky Baumann Presets Community” with over 830 other preset users


        Before & After

        Please find before & after examples on the relevant product-sites LAKE AND FOREST VOL. I, LAKE AND FOREST VOL. II, LAKE AND FOREST VOL. III & LAKE AND FOREST VOL. IV