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        Lake and Forest LR Presets Vol. IV


        Here they are! The new Lake and Forest Lightroom Presets Vol. IVThe look is soft and crisp at the same time and it has never been easier to edit your photos by one-click. If you’re in love my current look and want to achieve similar results, if you want to optimize your editing-workflow and work more efficiently, the Lake and Forest Vol. 4 collection may not be missing on your to-buy list :) Currently I edit all my images with this bundle. Find some before/after examples down belowIf you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to shoot me an email to info@vickybaumann.de. I’ll respond to your request as quickly as possible <3


        7 Lightroom presets (5 color & 2 b/w)
        Reinforce / weaken grain
        An installation guide
        Warm invitation to become part of the “Vicky Baumann Presets Community” with over 830 other preset users




        All presets were applied on RAW files. Besides some brightness, contrast and toning adjustments it’s done with one click. IMPORTANT NOTE : Please remember that all presets are always a perfect point from where to start start but not every photo is the same so preset might turn out differently with different lightning situations so sometimes you need to adjust your raw in terms of toning, temperature and exposure. The presets only work with neutral raws the way they should.






        S/W I

        S/W II

        5 GOOD REASONS


        You lose a lot of time editing your wedding photos one by one. With my wedding presets you’ll be a lot quicker and you’ll get beautiful results.


        You like my look? I use my own presets for my editing workflow, so if you want to get similar results like me, the Lake and Forest Presets Vol. IV may not be missing on your bucket list!
        (It is very important to use them on RAW files, since the presets otherwise can not work properly.)

        3. CONSISTENCY

        With image-by-image editing, you quickly have irregularities and aberrations that affect the quality of your wedding documentation or shooting. The Lake and Forest Vol IV Lightroom presets allow you to edit entire weddings in a uniform look so no optical breaks occur.


        With just a few clicks each and every presets can be individually customized and adapted to your wishes and requirements.

        5. DIVERSITY

        The product range includes 7 different presets, both color and black/white, so you can choose and even combine the presets with each other, without losing your signature.