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        Marrakech, the “red city” – a breathtaking experience to witness this place full of contrasts. The pulsating, noisy, colorful and hectic city full of people, mopeds and donkeys, the endless stone desert around the city and the snowy Atlas Mountains are so close together that you feel like beeing in three completely different worlds at the same time.

        Islamic prayer calls boom from the speakers of the mosques, people bustle in the souks and we are overtaken by honking mopeds and donkey-carts as we are on our way to the getting ready location right in the middle of Medina. We turn into a narrow alley, walk down a small staircase through the door of a rather unimposing building and suddenly find ourselves in a different world full of peace and silence. Only the rippling of a small fountain in the courtyard of this breathtaking Riad can be heard while sitting and waiting for Tabea & Steffen. You ultemately calm down from stress and of the dirty streets, entering a Riad in Marrakech. It’s like a haven full of peace and relaxation where you can have a rest and regain your energy.When I meet Tabea and Steffen, we first ordered a traditional moroccan mint tea and enjoyed the silence before heading over to the stone desert.

        On our way through the D’Agafay desert, we met a huge herd of sheep, a lot of donkeys, camels and passed some very small bedouin camps. Between two of them, Tabea & Steffen finally promisde their love to each other at a breathtaking desert sunset. An unforgettable experience, which only the two of them share by their own, well conserved in impressive photos.

        Does that sound good to you? I am glad if you decide for an elopement and take me with you. My bags are packed and I’m looking forward to a new adventure.

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